Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

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We don't usually do much for Halloween; I buy a few pumpkins and put them out on the front steps, uncarved. This year the boys convinced me to carve them. I think they came out pretty good for my first try at pumpkin carving! The boys had fun passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, too.


ahousefullofboys said...

Hello Fellow Mom to BOYS!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. How funny we thought of the same blog name.. Great minds huh?
We do not know yet if it is a boy or girl. My hubby always wants to be surprised. We are familiar with boys so that will not be any different. If it is a girl we have friends who have had their last babies and they are WELL CLOTHED little girls so we are set either way. We just want a healthy little one.
Take care..

Kristin said...

Cute pumpkins! (And sorry about the Policeman incident.)

Aimee said...

Cool carving! I really like your "hee hee hee" one. We carved one pumpkin, too, but dh won't leave it outside for fear of the local teens (we've seen evidence of their behavior in prior years). So, since it sat on the kitchen table for a week, of course it rotted in that time. I was going to take a picture of it, but by the time I got the camera charged the teeth had all sunk in and it looked like a geriatric version of the original. Oh, well. The only reason we carve at all is so dh can pull out the pumpkin seeds and roast them. Luckily for me, he does all the work! lol