Thursday, November 29, 2007


In the spirit of Christmas, this year I decided to try out a gingerbread house kit. I was afraid that it would be frustrating, if the icing didn't really hold up the house well; but it wasn't very expensive and I knew the boys would have fun.

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The kit came with pre-made walls and roof, so we skipped the hardest part. It also came with bags of candy and 2 bags of special icing. I put up the structure and helped with the icing, since the bags were hard to squeeze and it mattered if we were accurate in order for the house to stay up. I let the boys put on all the candy.

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It was starting to look pretty good, even before we were finished.

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I'm not sure how I'll keep them from eating it too soon!

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We are all very pleased with the result!


chris said...

That came out SOOO cute!

Lisa said...

Looks good. We have one, but true confession time, I hot glued the building together, LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a fun thing to do with your sons! You are making many good memories for them. GOOD JOB!

Melanie said...

Wow! Yours looks alot better than ours did! I bought one of those last year, and I got the long sides and the roof mixed up, so they got frosted wrong, and we couldn't put the house together. I guess it wasn't a total loss though 'cause then I just let the kids eat it right away! LOL

Jody said...

Very cute!

We are making ornaments tonight. It will involve glue sticks and glitter me! ;*)

SOSOY said...

Wow, that looks AWESOME!!! Good job boys! I suppose I'm gonna have to follow thru with my promise to do one this year too... we'll see how it goes! (I'm really liking that kit from BJ's tho!)


Kristin said...

Very cute!