Thursday, July 10, 2008

Inedible Fruit

Wow, you guys are good! I believe the "weed" with orange pods is indeed a Chinese Lantern plant, or husk tomato. I like the term Chinese lantern, because that is exactly what the pods look like. I've checked inside a few of them, and most have a very tiny fruit inside, and many are shriveled, so I doubt we'll be harvesting any.

The white-flowering shrub looks to be a black chokeberry. Mine is much bigger than described on the sites I found online, but I think my bush is pretty old. It is supposed to get pretty black/purplish berries in the fall, but the ones on my bush have already shriveled and dried. Again, I think it's because it's a pretty old bush. Apparently you can make jams from the berries, but they don't taste good right off the bush.

At least I have some veggies in my garden coming up. I saw some pea pods on a few plants, and I have some green tomatoes. I saw one flower on my watermelon plant, so I don't know if it'll grow and ripen in time to eat this year. We planted a lot of other seeds, but most were more than a few years old, so we didn't know if any of them would grow. Next year we'll be able to plan more in advance and hopefully do a better job!

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