Monday, August 04, 2008

What Happened to Summer???

Holy cow, here it is August 4th, and we are starting school today! Well, we are supposed to be, anyway. The boys have a friend visiting for the week from our old church. It is going to be hard to get them to do any work when they want to play.

Last month was full from beginning to end with camp and swimming and VBS. Micah just finished up a week at day camp at the Y. The theme was zoo week, and he loved it. They brought up the "Zoomobile" full of animals, right to the camp. He talked all week about that. He got to swim each day, and on Friday they went to a pool park that had slides and a sprinkler section, as well as smaller pools for the younger kids.

The kids did two different VBSs this year. The first one was Power Lab, offered by MIL's church. I thought it was really neat; the theme was science, and it was about how God is in charge of everything, and gives us the power to do anything. They had really catchy songs as well. The second one was at our church, and was Castles and Crowns. It was medieval themed, and it was about how we can be adopted into God's family to become princes and princesses. They had some cool crafts, and the skits were really funny. In both groups the teen helpers did a great job. I was really impressed.

So now that swimming and camp and VBS are over (and our gas budget has been wiped out for the year!) it's time to start back up with school. We'll be starting slowly, with review and fun stuff. Come September, it's time to really get down to work!


Kristin said...

I wish I knew . . . our summer didn't even really start until July and even that month was one of the rainiest on record. Sigh. Thankfully, we are not starting school until after Labor Day.

Lisa said...

I've been moaning too. It just gets shorter and shorter. The kids start school here August 13. Far too early for mama.