Friday, October 17, 2008

Pathfinder and Adventurer Induction

Last Saturday afternoon, the Pathfinders and Adventurers held their induction ceremonies. This is where the new members are welcomed in, and returning members pledge to another year in the club. Mostly it is for parents and new members to know what the club is about. They sing the club song, recite the Pledge and the Law, and then do a candle lighting to represent the new members joining the club. It was fun to see everyone in uniform again. :-)

Micah and Caleb up on stage after lighting their candles:

Samuel lighting his candle:

Noah has been a member for 2 years already, so he got to do one of the readings:

And here are all 4 outside afterwards. Don't they look sharp?


Anonymous said...

They sure do look sharp!
Ontario, Canada

Aimee said...

Very handsome, boys! Congratulations on your installations. I hope you continue to have a great year!

Aunt Aimee

Michelle said...

Is Troyer too old now?

haffnewie said...

Nice looking boys! My two middle ones do want to go to Oshkosh, but we will have to see. They say that there will not be tickets left pretty soon. If that is the case, then they won't go. I can't buy them yet.
So, we will see. It would be fun to have the boys meet!!