Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Fun with Widgets!

Take a look at my sidebar --->

I've had fun adding some new elements. The first is an avatar I made up a few years ago. Unfortunately I saved the image and lost the code for the link, so I don't know what site I found it on. I may change it if I find a site that has a more, um, accurate picture lol. I'd like longer, straighter hair. I love that sweater, though!

Next, I added my local weather. I know not not all of you care about my current weather, but I thought it would be fun for my family.

Finally, I added a quick comment widget. If you want to leave a message that isn't in reply to a specific post, (or even to suggest a post!) you can do it there and it will appear instantly. Also, you can see a reply instantly instead of having to search through the comments.

Ah, the wonders of DSL LOL. Chris thought I'd spend all my time on the web, surfing and watching You Tube, ignoring the kids and the house. Well, he was sort of right LOL.

ETA: I got the longer hair, but now it needs freckles!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Cool! I think that doll you made is from elouai.com. I've made ones there, too. :)