Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Pics of the House

Since Melanie asked so nicely LOL

Here is our front porch, with Caleb and Samuel working on a pail of beans:
How many beans do we have to do????

Here is our kitchen. It is eat in, long enough to fit our big table that seats 8. (notice that's not 9 or 10 - that's more because we don't have 10 chairs than that we can't fit 10 LOL)
Yes, that is my teenager doing dishes!!!  We train the slaves well here!

Here is the back room that we gave to the boys for their toy room. It is officially the family room, where we play games or read, and the boys have all their puzzles, games, legos, and toys. The walk in fireplace is cool. There is a wood stove in it that seems big enough to have had big kettles on. The room was originally detached from the back of the house, so I guess it was some sort of summer kitchen.
See what a great display shelf for Legos the mantle is?  lol

Now we get to the category "What Were They Thinking???" LOL

Our living room is papered with a mural:
Also not in picture:  hideous 30 year old rust colored carpet

Very rustic, bucolic. Appropriate, I guess, since it is a farm scene. But the other 3 walls have a paper that is like fake grass cloth lol.

Here is a really bad un-plan:
Note placement of baseboard heating:  voila,  heated toilet seats!
I'm pretty sure the toilet came after the dryer LOL Our plan is to move the toilet so I can actually get the dryer door all the way open.

Here is a pic of one of the two lovely lavender sinks in my upstairs bathroom. Why lavender? Not sure, since the paper is blue stripes, and the trim is painted turquoise. Oh, and the tub and toilet are mauve. Bleh! lol
Oh yes, that is a non-GFCI recepticle right at the sink

And the best for last, a little tropical vacation with every bath:
Watch out for sharks in those tropical waters!
Why yes, that is a mural of Figi on the wall above the tub! Note that the material is not actually waterproof, so there is no reason at all to have that there. Other than atmosphere, of course LOL

As we do renovations and redecorate, I'll take pics - you know, when it looks better in here LOL


SOSOY said...

Well, I'm sure Dad will be most impressed with those pix. I have a few that actually make your house look like somewhere you'd *want* to live, if you'd like to borrow? lol But I guess you did a good job of showing off the quirks :)

BTW, how much did you have to pay off someone to clean up the family room that well for the picture? It never looked like that while we were there! lol

Kristin said...

Funny how people used to decorate. I have a friend with a pink sink and bath, too. I thought she could get some good money for those "retro" things.

We, too, have a mural on one of the kids wall (there when we bought the house), but it is a HUGE one of Disneyland! It is from the 60's or 70's so I didn't have the heart to tear it down; we just covered it with a curtain instead.

Melanie said...

Old houses certainly have character, don't they? That porch is great! Thanks so much for satisfying my curiosity.

Lisa said...

Oh, I'm sure they thought they were very fashionable. Our house had lots of stuff like that too. It makes you go, Huh? However, Figi could make tropical drinks in the bath reasonable, dontcha think?

Paula said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your house! We have a giant fireplace, too, and it had a woodstove prior to our renovation.

Ours had some ugly wallpaper, too, and red vinyl flooring in the kitchen in a faux brick pattern. Funny what people thought was fashionable--ours was last redecorated in the 1970s.