Monday, March 12, 2007

2 1/2 Weeks Old

Sorry I haven't been posting more; so far there's nothing much to say, other than that Jacob is awesome :-) He sleeps pretty well, for a newborn, and he's getting more alert and spending more time awake looking around. He's pretty calm around his brothers, who all love to come and kiss him.

Latest pictures:

9 days old - everyone else went to church and left us alone to relax for a few hours
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I let him lay on the floor for a little while, and he seemed to enjoy that.

Here he is this morning, 18 days old, on my lap (where he usually is! LOL)
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When the sun is shining on his hair, it has a definite red tint to it, so I'm thinking I've got another redhead! Poor Chris is outnumbered! LOL

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Anonymous said...

He's a beautiful boy!