Sunday, March 25, 2007

One Month Old!

Ok, a few days late, bad me. I guess I was waiting until I had pictures to post, but guess what? They are still in my camera, so we'll be waiting a bit longer yet to see those, LOL. Jacob is growing nicely, though he won't have a dr appt until next Friday, so I don't know how much he has grown. I know he fits better now in the outfit he wore home from the hosptial. He also has already outgrown his newborn sized onsies. He's got more hair on his head, but it is still so fine and downy that it is hard to say what color it definitely is. I still think it is red, but if so it is a strawberry blonde more than bright red like Troyer's. He smiles often now, though not for the camera yet. If I talk to him and tap him on the nose playfully, he smiles, and he smiles back when I smile at him. His brothers just love it when he smiles at them :-)

We had some warm weather again last week, so on Thursday I took everyone out to the park next to the library. It was kind of breezy, but nice and sunny, and the boys loved getting out. I wasn't the only one with the great idea, though, there were soooo many other moms there with their young kids. I've never seen the park so crowded! Of course I didn't think to bring my camera until I was there and saw another mom with hers. So no pics of Jacob's first ever day at the park. Oops. He spent the whole time in the carseat anyway, so not such a big loss, lol.

Troyer and Noah spent the morning with Chris making chocolate covered peanutbutter eggs with their Pathfinder group. I went with them last year, and yum, they are good! It is their annual fundraiser, and they do really well with it. After they finished off helping out on the egg assembly line, Chris took them and Samuel to see the new Ninja Turtle movie. They had a good time being out with their dad and getting to go out to a movie, but they were a bit dissappointed with the movie. They thought the plot was dumb. Oh well, at least they had a nice afternoon with dad.

Ok, I'll try to get to those pictures soon, and I'll have a weight update by Friday. I still haven't gotten far on researching how to add stuff to my sidebar yet. Our latest movie we rented was Over the Hedge, which we really enjoyed. Lots of little silly lines thrown in, and the extras were really cute. I think we'll probably end up owning this one.


Anonymous said...

Put the Illusionist on your Netflix list. Saw it this weekend...its a film you'll like. Chris will think it's a little girly. A late 18th to 19th century period piece.


Jody said...

Happy 1st month birthday little one!

Lisa said...

Me and the kids love Over The Hedge. Mostly because Fletch is JUST LIKE HAMMY! LOL. Glad the little one is growing.