Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So, What's New?

First, a picture of Jacob I took this week:
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This one looks the most like him out of all the pictures I have taken so far. He has a nasty red bumpy rash on his tummy, neck, and face, almost like heat rash, but it won't clear up. I'm going to ask the doctor about it at his appointment.

We had another warm sunny day yesterday, it was over 80 degrees! I took the kids to the park, thinking they'd enjoy getting out of the house. I was wrong, we should have stayed home. Sigh. Noah complained that it was too hot to do anything, so it was boring and he laid on a bench in the shade the whole time. Poor Levi came down with a cold in the morning, and by the time we got to the park he was in bad shape. His nose was running, and he was so sleepy he looked drugged. He tried so hard to play because he just loves the park, but he could barely drag himself over to the slide, look at it, and drag himself back over to me. Poor guy. By the time we left, which was only a half an hour since we weren't having as much fun as I thought we would, he was feverish and glad to go home and have a nap. He's not much better today, though his fever is gone. He has a croupy cough that kept him up last night. It doesn't seem fair that the warm weather is bringing in the sickness that we avoided all winter.

Here are some more pictures of Jacob from the last few weeks. I don't take that many because, well, at his age they all look the same, LOL
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Leeann said...

I was glad to see the pictures of Jacob. He's a doll baby!
Hope no one else gets the cold.

Jaade said...

He is absolutely gorgeous!

I hope he feels better very quick. I was a nanny for years, the baby rash was common on the babies I watched.

SneakyPeek said...

He's beautiful.

You are blessed.

Melanie said...

Jacob is adorable! We've been battling sickness in our house lately, too. Hope it leaves your family alone soon!