Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Small Update, and Something New

Jacob is 3 weeks old today, and doing great! He slept almost 5 hours last night, so when I woke up at 4 am, I had a hard time going back to sleep, LOL His cord stump fell off on Monday, so he now has a pretty belly button, and I forgot to mention that at his 2 week weight check he was back to his birthweight. He officially was 8-14, but he had just pooped right before the nurse weighed him, and after nursing him for a half hour before the doctor came in, I figure he was back up over 9 lbs *grin*. He has also smiled a few times this week, and a lot this morning. The boys were thrilled when he smiled at them!

Now on to something new. Aimee and I were talking about our latest novels we're reading, and also what movies we've seen recently, and we thought how cool it would be if I could have a spot on my side bar, or maybe a link to another page, where we could list what we're reading and watching, and write little reviews about it. Keep in mind, we are not into deep thinking stuff here, just fun. We prefer historical romances, specifically Regency and early Victorian era, and also some time travel, and most anything set in Scotland. After 20 years of reading this stuff, we've developed a preference for certain writers, while some really bad stuff makes us gag, LOL. We'd love to write about what's good and what's awful, and have anyone who stops by leave comments with suggestions or additional reviews. I will have to do some research into how to edit my side bar, and whether I want to do a separate page or just list the books and movies on the side.

Just to start, I'll let you know, we've been reading Mary Balogh's Bedwyn series, including the new set of 4 that spun off of those. Also, Lisa Kleypas did a "Wallflowers" series that we liked, and which we are looking for additional books about characters with minor appearances in that series.

I should mention that we just don't do Westerns or Indians, and tend to avoid medieval settings. Every once in a while I do like a contemporary story as a change.

Movies: my family is signed up with Netflix, and we love it! Just this week we've gotten Secondhand Lions, which we found surprisingly enjoyable (Michael Caine is not my favorite), and today the boys and I watched Yours, Mine, and Ours - the classic version with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. It was better than I remembered, and the boys were somewhat amused also. Next on the list should be the recent remake of it.

Ok, so my assignment now is to find out how to get that added to my sidebar.

Oh, and of course get more pictures of Jacob uploaded ;-)


Melanie said...

Secondhand Lions is a great movie!!

SOSOY said...

I can't wait until you get the link set up!!! It's going to be really cool!

Suzanne Temple said...

Had to say hello. Your boys are precious! I have five boys. So far, that is.