Monday, September 13, 2004

Catching Up

First I want to post a Happy Birthday to Chris! His birthday was last week, I just haven't had time to post about it until now. I spent the day cleaning up the kitchen and baking him a cake (he prefers homemade to store-bought; I guess he doesn't need all those cool cake topper toys like the boys want LOL), and getting the boys to sign a card for him. I had to run out the night before to buy the card, nothing like waiting until the last minute! Of course, it was the night that the remnants of Frances hit us, so lots of flooding and standing water on the roads, yuck. Also, Levi was having a growth spurt or something last week, he wasn't sleeping well, and wanted to eat constantly! That and dragging him out in the rain made for a pretty lousy shopping trip to WalMart, LOL.

It was worth it, though; Chris enjoyed his birthday. I had the cake ready by the time he got home, and made pizza for dinner. I even put olives on one for him, and as a special treat left off the mushrooms ;-). Chris is funny about them, he says he doesn't like to eat fungus on his pizza LOL. Poor Micah, he was very impatient for the cake. He ate quickly and finished first, and had a tantrum that he had to wait for everyone else to *gasp* have more than one piece, LOL. Finally he got his cake, and he was happy again.

I only put 5 candles on the cake; I didn't really want to try to light 38 candles, LOL.

Yesterday I had planned for a deep clean of the house. We are starting the motions for our move, so we need to get the house ready to sell. I have already been on line looking at the houses in the area we are moving to. It was a beautiful day, I had considered driving down to check out some of the houses I had seen, but then realized that we are not anywhere near ready to make any offers, and by the time we are, for sure the houses out there now will be sold already. So cleaning sounded good instead.

The day started out ok, I also planned to give the boys haircuts, desperately needed, since it was nice out. I did get that done, and Chris supervised the cleaning of the play room and the living room. Then for some inexplicable reason, he decided to go mess with the toilet. It has been clogging a lot lately, so he was just going to try to clear it. Then he decided the problem was that the toilet wasn't level, so he emptied it and took it up. Please note that he didn't warn anyone that he was going to do this, and give us all an opportunity to use it first before he took it out of commision! I had also planned to run to the bank and open an account for Levi, finally getting rid of the $34 in pennies and nickels I had rolled and sitting in my kitchen. I thought it was also a good chance to get Noah in for his birthday portrait. My trip was delayed a bit when Chris had to run to Lowe's to get a seal for the toilet. He left us here with nowhere to "go" lol.
Finally I got out with Noah and Levi, it was already after 2. Keep in mind that I had had to go to the bathroom since 11:30! I told him I couldn't wait any more to go out, I had to find a rest room! LOL Levi finally decided to behave and was perfect for our trip. We went to the bank, and he slept through it; we drove up to McDonald's to get Noah lunch, but oops, there was a power outage and they were closed. Oops, WalMart was also closed, so no portrait for Noah. It was after 3:15 now, and he was hungry (and I still had to go to the bathroom)! We drove across town to the other McDonald's, and ate inside. Levi slept through that too :-). Our last stop was the grocery store to use up my coupons that were going to expire that day. He slept all the way until the check out. I couldn't get mad at him for waking up as we stood on line. I fed him as soon as we got back out to the car, and he was good until we got home. I did have to feed him again when we got home, and the groceries had to wait to be unpacked, but again, he'd been so good, who could blame him?
I was disappointed when I got home that the boys hadn't really done any more cleaning. Chris had only just finished messing with the toilet, and when I got home he was cleaning more tomatoes. Have I mentioned that we are being crushed under the avalanche of tomatoes? And I have absolutely no taste for them at all. He is mad that I am not eating them quickly enough, but I can barely make myself look at them. I usually like tomatoes, but lately I haven't wanted any. It might have to do with last year's overabundance of tomatoes and how I got really sick of them. So yesterday was a waste, cleaning-wise. :-( And I hadn't even cared about the dumb toilet!

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