Thursday, September 16, 2004

One Realtor's Opinion

On Tuesday we had our first realtor walk through the house. I am having 3 or 4 come through and give me a spiel, then Chris and I will choose which one we like best to list our house. I liked this first realtor, she was very nice, not too "salesman-like." She had emailed me an initial guess at property value after just driving by the house last week. After walking through, however, she knocked the price down a few thousand dollars. Just confirming what I already knew, I live in a hovel, LOL. No really, not that bad, but it really does need a lot of work. Painting and carpet, etc. Even more frustrating is Chris' unwillingness to do any work on the house, any more than he is forced to. For instance, a few of our shutters (cheapie aluminum ones) had blown off our house, some before and one soon after, we moved in, years ago, and he never wanted to spend the money to replace them. It looks dumb, but how could I argue about the money, kwim? But now, for curb appeal, they need to be replaced; but he refuses. He sees it as a waste of money. If *we* bought the house with shutters missing, why wouldn't someone else? Well, because other people actually care what their house looks like??? Grrr. I'm wishing now we had gotten new carpet 5 years ago, so the old stuff we have now wouldn't be even older and more gross. I am now beginning to understand why Chris was thinking our house would be on the market a long time; if he isn't going to do any work to make it look nice OF COURSE it won't sell!!! Grrr.

We have another realtor coming today. Luckily for me the boys were on their best behavior on Tuesday, I hope they are as good again today.

I have to post this picture of Levi, just to remind myself that he *does* actually sleep sometimes, lol. Yesterday morning he was up from 3 am until 8:30! Aaaugghh. Obviously by the time he fell asleep, the rest of the boys were up and bickering and chasing and screaming and throwing cereal and making a mess in every room of the house, and probably doing some bleeding somewhere in there too, though I was trying to put them on /ignore, LOL. I yelled and screamed and threatened bodily harm, and they quieted down somewhat, but not enough for me to actually make up any sleep. Oh well. Last night went better, only because I put Chris on /ignore and brought Levi to bed, lol.

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Lisa said...

He really is a cutie!! Good thing my dh isn't looking to move to Pa, he'd not be bothered by missing shutters if it knocked down the price, lol.