Monday, September 13, 2004

Getting Ready

Today I made appointments with 2 different realtors to come over this week and look at my house, and give me an evaluation of its worth, and maybe some hints on what to do to help it sell. Actually, I know already the number one tip will be, Declutter. My house is just full of piles of junk. It's all stuff I like and want to keep, but have nowhere to put it. I am going to have to let go and give it up.

Today I had a good start. I cleaned off my refrigerator. It might not be the place most people would think to start, but it was the least painful for me, LOL. The front of my fridge was virtually papered in pictures of the kids, and artwork, and a huge collection of magnets. Once I got that cleaned off, I took down a bunch of stuff from the walls of the kitchen. Birthday cards, more artwork, postcards. It looks a lot different now, and I haven't even finished yet, LOL. Caleb followed me around while I worked, and he is really getting into the whole move thing. He kept asking, will we take the dishes too? Will we take our coats? Will we take the peanut butter and jelly? LOL The answers to that being, yes, yes, and no, we will eat it all and buy more when we get there, lol.
I am thinking maybe I should take before and after pictures, and keep track of my progress; maybe that will motivate me to get more done. A big problem with trying to clean up for me is where to put the stuff I box up? The reason it is in piles everywhere is because there is no place for it! I will throw a lot away, but there is still a lot that I need to just store somewhere. I know I will be happy when I get it done, but it's hard to get started!

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Lisa said...

If you find freedom through decluttering let me know or if you get done you can come over and look in my upstairs closet, ;-)