Thursday, September 23, 2004

Murphy's Law?

We went out yesterday, were gone for the whole day, from 7 am until 9:30 pm. So what do you think happened? One of the roofing guys FINALLY called me back!!! But was I here to take his call? Noooooo. Aaarghh!!!!! Luckily he gave me his cell phone number and I was able to call him today. He is going to come over on Sunday to look at the damage and see how much needs to be done. Let us hope we have good weather again next week!!!!

On Tuesday the boys were out playing in the yard until dusk. Samuel and Micah, as usual, attracted all the mosquitos. Samuel got quite a few bites on his face. On Wednesday morning his eyelid was swollen, and we figured he'd gotten a bite on the lid. His bites always swell up more than normal, but they usually don't bother him and they go away fine. We weren't really too worried about it. Well, today it was worse! Plus, there is no center to the swelling where the bite would be. I can't figure out what happened. He says it doesn't hurt, just itches a little when he touches it. He is really good at not bothering it. I hope I don't need to worry.

I got extra lucky last night, because Levi slept!!! He was up a lot, but kept going back to sleep in the bassinette, so I actually got some sleep last night!!! Wow, I wasn't expecting it. I even got a shower this morning; good thing, too, since I have my 6 week check up tonight. Wow, Levi will be 6 weeks old tomorrow, already! That went fast!

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