Friday, October 08, 2004

A Day At the Park

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm and sunny day, so I grabbed the boys and we went to find a nice park. I had a few in mind I wanted to check out that we hadn't been to before, so I let them pick. On the way to the park, we passed by the fruit farm that has a life sized wooden tractor out front. It is there just for the purpose of taking pictures, and I like to do that each fall. They have a bunch of their pumpkins out front too, but the pumpkins didn't make it into my pictures.





We drove past one playground and decided it was too crowded, so drove down the road to the next one. This is a park not far from our house that we have driven past many times, but have never stopped at. From the street you can't really see much more than the ball fields, so I didn't know what to expect in terms of play equipment. I had thrown the boys' scooters and skateboard in the van in case there wasn't much to do; as it turns out, it is a great park! Lots of climbing equipment and slides and swings. Even better, we had it all to ourselves :-) There was also a nice paved path all the way around the playground and playing fields, so we went for a walk. Well, I walked, Levi was in the sling, and the boys scooted ;-)

Micah was a real trooper and pushed his tractor all the way around. He was pretty hot by the time we made it back.

Today it is even warmer and sunny, but Levi is cranky from his shots, and I am cranky from the office visit, lol, so the boys will have to make do with playing in the yard.

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