Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Have a Spare Minute

literally; Levi is asleep, lol. I thought I'd post a quick picture of the wallpaper in our hallway, so you can see why we are painting over it. This is the paper that was here when we moved in, and aside from the boys peeling it in spots, and gouging out a nice hole under the window, we haven't changed it. I guess we were just waiting until the youngest was old enough to not destroy it before we bothered putting any work into it. Now we just want it to look nice enough that it won't scare away home buyers, LOL.

Also, in that huge post I lost the other morning, I mentioned that Levi is smiling and giggling now. I tried to get a picture, and this was the best I could do:

Each time I tried to get a picture, he'd get a startled look on his face and ruin the picture, lol.

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