Friday, October 08, 2004

Levi's 2 Month Check Up

Short Story: Levi is 12 lbs 6 oz, and 23" long. He got 4 shots, and is now napping peacefully.

Long Story:

Just wanted to give the stats on Levi. He was scheduled for his 2 mo check up for next Friday, but I got a notice in the mail yesterday that I needed to reschedule. When I called, they rescheduled for this morning, yikes! I hate having to drag all the boys out on such short notice like that. This was our first visit to the new doctor, so I had to make sure we had time to find the correct building, and to fill out forms when we got there. Of course it was a fight to get the boys all dressed and fed in time; Micah in particular thought it was a great game to run around the house with no shirt or shoes on and missing one sock. This with 5 minutes to get into the van. I also wanted to get a shower this morning, and I had to be bad mommy and let them all run around the house screaming and fighting, and Levi crying in his bed, just so I could have clean hair. I just couldn't stand the thought of the doctor's first impression of me being dirty, kwim? Well, I should have been happy with dirty. The boys were not so good for this trip. Caleb was worst of all. He has been very whiny lately, and disobedient on top of that; take that and put it in a tiny exam room with 4 other boys and a baby, with one toy for them all to share, and you get chaos! I was so embarrassed about not being able to hear the poor dr.

I should say here, that we found the building fine, walked right up to the desk and checked in, and as soon as they were done copying his insurance card and getting information from me (I didn't have to fill out any forms!) the nurse was ready to take us back to the room - NO waiting! Wow! And after she did the basic weight/height measurements (Levi is 12 lbs 6 oz and 23 inches long), it wasn't more than 5 minutes before the doctor came in for the exam! What? Not 45 minutes??? LOL And he was very nice. I am almost sad we will be moving in a few months and not be able to go to this office anymore, lol.

Anyway, there was one of those beads-on-wires type toy, big enough for them to share, in the room, and a basket of books. Of course they all had to fight over the one color of beads rather than each claim a color. Caleb screamed and cried and pinched his brothers' hands. Ugh. I put him in time out and he cried some more. Ugh. Levi had to get his shots today, and Caleb cried during that too (I can't blame him there!). Then it was time for check out, and I promised Caleb we'd weigh him on the way out, to see if he weighs enough to get out of his harness on his carseat, and use a seatbelt with just the booster. (He does, he was 40.7 lbs!) They fought over who would get weighed first. Then the boys needed to wait for me to check out and pay the co-pay. Again, they were antsy and picking on each other, and Caleb was screaming that Samuel was whispering in his ear. Ugh. Finally it was time to go back to the van, and Caleb wanted to hold my hand, so Micah just walked off. I told Noah to hold his hand for me, but Micah ran from him and ran all the way down the sidewalk. Yikes! I find it very scary to see my 2 yo running away near cars! I ran after him, with Levi in the infant seat slung over my arm, and caught him, but he wasn't happy about the firm grip I kept on his wrist! Even worse, there was someone parked right there, sitting in the car talking on their cell phone, watching the whole thing. All in all, I found the entire visit embarrassing. I was not a good example of a TOK mom in control of her well-behaved kids, LOL. I yelled in the van, and when we got home Caleb had a mandatory nap. I am still not feeling much better.

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Bernadette said...

I feel your pain! But, they are so cute and angelic in yesterday's pictures!? ;~) We love to go to the parks in the fall, too.