Friday, October 22, 2004


Here is proof that at least one of my kids is clean ;-)
Micah having a bubble bath

I guess it is also proof that my tub is not reeaaaalllly clean LOL.

I took some pictures this week, because Chris, over at the Big Yellow House, took such a beautiful shot of her street, and I wanted to see if my neighborhood was as nice. I think it would be, if it would just STOP RAINING!!! Here are some pictures:

Down our Street (yes, that is our house with the front porch 1.5 feet from the road)

Back Yard (see, we make up for the front yard by having a great back yard!)

It really is pretty here, when the sun is shining; it just so happens that that is not so often :-( Something about the mountains here trapping all the clouds in our area, or something. Bleh.

I was going to try to repost all the stuff I lost last week, but I just lost my momentum with that one. I don't even remember what all it was about, except a 1 am poop blowout, followed by a 2 am puke fest by the 6 yo. Oh, and Chris worked late all last week, and on Thursday, which is Survivor/CSI night (ok, so now you know how low my tv standards can go, but hey, I balanced it out with the CSI!) he had called to promise that he'd be home to put the boys to bed at 8. Ok, perfect timing. Well, at 7:45, the 8 yo, 6 yo, and 2 yo locked themselves in the bathroom and broke the knob. Joy. I got out screwdrivers, I got out nail files, nothing worked. Finally I resorted to a hammer. No good with that one either. It was 8:15 and I was fuming, Chris was no where to be found, and the boys were still stuck. Micah had pulled down one towel bar and the curtain rod. Let's just say that the knob became Chris' head as I pounded, LOL. Finally he came home, and I gave up and went down to watch tv. Of course the boys were out in 5 minutes. It seems I was using the wrong size screwdriver. Oops. Oh well, now the knob is ruined and we have nothing on the bathroom door to keep it shut. We will be replacing the knob, but with something easier to get open, LOL. In the mean time, we have not a peephole, more of a peep window. It is exactly at Micah's eye level, so when I'm sitting on the pot, I hear "See you Mom! See you!" LOL

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