Friday, October 15, 2004

Too Tired (or would that be Lazy? lol) to Type

I can't believe it's been a week since I've written anything. Levi has been very much in a Don't-Put-Me-Down mood this week, and it is too hard to type with just one hand. So what has happened since last Friday? Well, Chris got the kitchen painted. It looks pretty nice. It's the wrong color, but hey, it still looks nice, lol. I had wanted a white, but not a bright bright pure white. We looked at paint chips and decided that they all were so close, just choose any one of them. Well, he went and just bought a can of Antique White. Hello, that's cream. Very yellow. Not white at all. Ugh. Oh well, it still looks better than fingerprint-and-macaroni-and-cheese-and-Cocoa-Puffs-white, LOL. Now to declutter.....

Chris worked late nights all week, so we didn't get any further with painting. He has to meet with some coworkers on Sunday, too, so no painting then either.

On Tuesday I had to run to the store, and on the way home I went through the drive through at McDonald's and drove back to the park. Levi slept the whole time, and the boys had a great time eating at the picnic tables and playing. It really is a neat park.

Today I took the boys out again; we finally made it back to the WalMart portrait studio for Noah's portraits. A month ago I took him out, but there was a power outage at the mall that ran up and down the whole street, so all the stores were closed. It took this long to get back, lol. This time, though, I had all the boys with me, and it was raining out. That didn't seem too promising, but I wanted to get out of the house anyway. It turned out to go pretty well, the boys were very well behaved. I didn't much like the photographer, but you get what you pay for, right? I think the picture came out nice. We did some more shopping, I found some stuff for the boys for Christmas already, drove over to the Super-WM and did grocery shopping, came home with loads of junk food (Halloween is too much temptation for me! lol) and crashed on the couch. Maybe next week I will get something done?

Noah 8 years old

On Wednesday Levi turned 2 months old! Today he is 9 weeks old. Wow, that went fast. Today he had a milestone. He has been hinting at a smile for a few weeks now, but today was the first time he looked straight at me and smiled in response to finding my face! :-) He also cooed at me, that was his first coo. So exciting! This week also saw his first official poop blow-out, yuck. In fact, he had 4 of them LOL Today Troyer was holding him when he did it; yuck it was a mess. I have done a lot of wash this week ;-)

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