Sunday, October 03, 2004

Field Trip

On Friday morning, our homeschool group went on a tour of the local EMS station. Our group has mostly large families, so it was pretty crowded. Only 7 moms, but 29 kids! Since I had Levi in August, I am now the second biggest family in the group; one mom has 8 kids (she just had a baby in August too!), two have 5 kids, two have 2 kids, and one mom has one. For as large as our group is, though, they are very well behaved. I think my boys were the worst behaved there, lol. A few times I was thinking what an appropriate place to bring them, so when they hurt each other, they can get care right away! LOL

We started with a little talk in the meeting room, then a tour of the inside. It is not a big station, so it was a short tour, LOL. The boys were really looking forward to the ambulance tour anyway. Somehow Noah thought they were going to get rides, whoops, lol. The paramedics did strap a few kids to the back boards to demonstrate how to stabilize a body, but my boys didn't want a turn. I asked about getting some of those systems for my house, for after I finish cleaning the house and they are trying to follow behind me and mess it back up ;-)

Finally they all got to have turns going inside to look at all the equipment, and the EMT gave out purple latex gloves. They were a big hit!

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