Friday, July 16, 2004

Baby Projects

One of the things I have done for each new baby is to make him a cross stitch sampler with his name, date of birth, and weight on it. My consistency with timing has not been great, but I have gotten them done, at least up until #4. I am sooo close, but not quite finished with #5 yet (oops, running a little late on that one, LOL). Then I have to get started on #6. I have to say, after a while, the selection to choose from for these samplers gets pretty slim, LOL. I am very picky, I want them each to be about the same size, and have room to include all the info. I think one of the reasons I haven't gotten to this last one yet is because it is a smaller size than I wanted. Also because I have one that is just for girls, and I was *hoping* to be able to start it, but I had to wait for an u/s to find out if I could. Darn, nope, LOL. Here are pictures of the ones I have completed so far. Karen, I would LOVE to make one of the deer for Sylvia! But, um, I'm a little behind on my own kids right now... LOL

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