Monday, July 26, 2004

Closer to Ready!

Yesterday I got a lot closer to being ready to have this baby!  I finally got the infant seat installed in the van.  Let me tell you, they do NOT design those things to be installed by 8 mos pg women, which is pretty dumb if you think about it, since who ELSE is going to be installing them?  I thought I might give birth to the baby right into the seat, LOL. 
It took me this long because I had actually gotten off my butt and washed the cover last week, but then I thought I'd hang it out on the line to dry rather than put it in the dryer.  Of course, the first day I hang anything out all year, it goes from sunny to pouring rain in about 20 mintues.  I never had a chance of getting it off the line before it was too late.  So I had to start over, and this is how long it took me to get it done, lol. 
Since I was already digging through the baby stuff to find the cover, I got the box of newborn baby clothes out too, and got ready to wash those.  Of course I couldn't actually wash them until I had a place to put them away,  which meant moving Micah's things out of the dresser, which meant #1 clearing out someone else's dresser for his stuff, and #2 putting away winter stuff to make room for summer stuff.  Yes, I had not done that yet, LOL.  Well, I DID IT!!!  I got 5 sets of winter clothes sorted and packed away,  and put the summer stuff into the empty dressers;  all are done but Noah's,  I ran out of boxes to put his winter stuff in, lol.  WHERE did I get all these clothes from????  I swear these kids never wore half of what I packed away.  Micah now has his clothes in the bedroom with his older brothers;  he took Troyer's dresser, and Troyer now has a bigger dresser that is out in the hallway.  I am thinking all the dressers should go out in the hallway, so the boys don't wake up any nappers when they go in to get dressed.  No, they don't get dressed first thing in the morning, LOL, it is usually more around 11 am.  But hey, they usually are dressed before me!  LOL
In addition to getting that done, I also did a huge shopping trip, alone, while Chris watched the kids for me.  How nice to load up the cart and not worry about burying a child under the groceries, lol.
After I got back, I actually did put the clothes into the wash, and got it dried too.  Now it is in a basket in the nursery, waiting to be folded and put away into the cleared out dresser!  One more load of blankets, sheets, and towels, and I am ready!  Oh, I guess I need to pack a hospital bag.   Hmm, no I still have lots of time for that!  LOL
Here is a picture of the outfit I bought to bring the baby home from the hospital.  All washed and ready to pack!  It is a boy's outfit, but I will be perfectly happy to bring a girl home in it  LOL

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Lisa said...

OK, I'm really, really jealous you get to bring home a little bitty baby. And for what it's worth, I've had some of my most unchristian thoughts while trying to put in a car seat while very pregnant, lol.