Wednesday, July 14, 2004

An Introduction to My Family

Ok, I know most of you know all about me, or a lot about me anyway, but just for the sake of starting somewhere, I'll tell you a little about me.

I am a SAHM in central PA, I live in Penn State Country. Yes, I graduated from there, as did my dh. He is not so proud of that, he thinks they stole his money and gave him nothing, LOL. Well, at least he got a job out of it, and he does pretty well now. We live out in the country, though our property is not as big as the ones surrounding us. We live in an old (1880s) farmhouse, that is showing its age. It needs soooo much work, and we just hate to pour money into it, so we don't LOL. Its priorities are set by whatever crisis needs attention soonest. We have a nice yard, which is good, and would be better if I could get the boys out the door more often. We are just about out of space here, and are hoping to move out of this area sometime soon.

Here is our house, it's worst feature is that it is literally right on the road. We have NO front yard. The upside of that is that we have a nice big back yard.

Our house in the snow

Some of the back yard

I have 5 boys, here they are:

Troyer, age 9 1/2, his birthday is in September. He is very artistic, he hopes to be a cartoonist when he grows up. He tells us constantly that his brilliant ideas will make millions of dollars. We can only hope! LOL

Noah, age 7 1/2, his birthday is in August (he'll be getting a baby brother for his birthday LOL). He is good at sports, and has an aptitude for gymnastics, though he hasn't had formal lessons yet.

Samuel, age 6, just had his birthday this month. He is shy and sensitive, but such a cutie!

Caleb, age 4, had his birthday in May. He is full of spunk, and keeps right up with his older brothers; he refuses to be left out!

Micah, age 2, had his birthday in April. He is too smart for his own good, we really have to keep an eye on him! Someone forgot to tell him he is only two, and keeps trying to keep up with his brothers, too!

Here is a picture we took of them all on a trip to take the oldest two to camp this month:

Troyer, Samuel, Micah, Noah, and Caleb

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Don said...


My name is Don and I was searching for info on cantelopes when I found your site. You have a beautiful garden but more important you have a beautiful family. Cherish them (on the good days)and love them on the rest. I didnt know about water and how it affects tomatos(I think that was your site?) but I can sympathize with you on the "lil shoppe of horrors" pumpkin you have(remember "feed me, I'm hungry?") This is my first year for cantelopes and watermelons. What a surprise, I planted way to many (6 and 6) and so far they have taken over half my little 25'x15' garden but what a pleasure to walk around each morning, see new growth or checking the yellow spot on the bottom for ripeness. If you know anything about these monsters I'd love the input! I also have cukes, squash, tomatos and dill, fennel etc. It was nice to see and read about your family/garden.
take care
Don Graine