Sunday, July 18, 2004

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend here,  but for the most part fun.  On Saturday Chris was asked to give the sermon at church;  our pastor has 3 churches he visits, and usually an elder does the sermon on the weeks the pastor is at one of the other churches, but last monday the scheduled elder called Chris and asked him if he could stand in.  Chris said sure;  he has done it before, and didn't mind at all.  Well, he forgot that we had to go to a wedding right after church this week!  Oops.  So rather than attempt (and fail miserably) to watch all 5 boys in the pew while their father stood up front, in plain view but unreachable, I decided to take them home early and let Chris give his sermon unhassled.  He was disappointed that I wouldn't hear it, but he understood. 
We had Chris' sister and BIL come up to watch the kids while we went to the wedding, so it worked out well to go home early and get the boys fed before she showed up.  They were very excited to see her,  they don't see her very often as she lives a few hours away.  They had a great time, and after we got back from the wedding, we had a nice visit with her and BIL too.
We were able to leave right on time for the wedding,  and Chris had me navigating while he drove.  We were going to a town where he has travelled for work for projects, so he felt like he mostly knew where he was going.  I should have had an inkling that it wouldn't be that easy when his sister showed up at our house almost an hour late because she had been driving down the wrong road looking for the turn off to our street, because he had not remembered the correct name of the main road.  Of *course*  he did the same thing trying to find the church for the wedding!  We drove all over that town, and I kept saying look for so-and-so street, it has rt number whatever.  I was reading to him right off the directions included in the invitation, as well as the directions he printed off from map-quest.  Well, of course he decided on the way there that he knew a short cut and came into town from a different street, and of course, in spite of the fact that he has worked on projects in that town for years, he had NO clue what ANY of the streets were named or numbered.  We drove aimlessly for at least 20 minutes before I finally noticed where we should be,  at which time he said, "Oh, yeah, that is the other way into town, I just don't like to take it"  DUH!  It was the way the directions had told us to take.  Grrrr.  Well, we got there at just the right time, so it was no problem in the end, but very frustrating!!!!
The wedding was nice, but the church was hot.  Chris says it wasn't so bad, so it must be my pg that made me so hot.  My feet were swelling from sitting in pews all day.  I need to carry around a footstool or something, so my feet aren't dangling just above the floor when I sit, LOL.  The service was about 45 minutes, not too bad,  and we didn't stay for the reception.  It was going to be 2 hours after the service, and we didn't really know what to do to waste 2 hours, and we had told SIL that we would be home around dinner time, so we just went home a little earlier than planned.  We tried to talk SIL and her dh into staying for pizza, but they wanted to get home, so we just ate with the boys. 
This morning Chris decided to go on a cleaning spree, and made the boys do more work than the usual Sunday clean-up.  They did a good job, the house looks great.  I'm glad, too;  the exterminator is coming tomorrow, he won't be so grossed out now,  LOL.  He is coming to spray the exterior for wasps and set bait traps in the attic and basement for mice.  We are lucky, we haven't really had much trouble with pests this year.  Living out in the country means bugs, so we have to keep up on it, but this year has been mild.
Tonight Chris made soup for everyone, it was a cool day so a good night for soup.  Unfortunately,  while Noah was trying to cool his soup off, by standing next to the table and blowing from a foot away,  Micah decided to try to taste it and climbed up in Noah's seat.  Noah was trying to move him out again, but instead made Micah lose his balance.  He put his hand right on the side of the bowl and spilled it all.  Some of the hot noodles ran off the table right onto his leg, and burned him pretty badly.  He has a few blisters from it.  Noah felt sooo badly for him, but really it was just an accident, and already tonight Micah is feeling better.  We ran cold water over it in the kitchen sink, then put him in a cool bath in the tub for about a half hour.  When he got out I sprayed some stuff on it that is for minor burns and pain.  Most of the redness is gone, just the blisters look icky.  Micah is playing and happy again so I hope by tomorrow it will be almost all better.  It is so sad to see your kids get hurt and not be able to help  :-(


Lisa said...

Owie!! Poor Micah, Mel pulled a coffee cup off the microwave the other day but luckily it all landed on me. Also, have you noticed the ad at the top selling pumpkin seeds? LOL, wonder if they are demon possessed.

O_Scientist said...

Awwww, poor Micah! Sending healing vibes his way.

And men are always useless direction wise, just don't trust them when they say they know where they are going ;-)