Friday, July 16, 2004

The Demon-Posessed Monster Pumpkin Plant

I have been waiting for the rain to end so I could finally take a picture of this plant for you. Unfortunately, there was no really good way to get a shot of it to show just how it has taken over our garden.

Let me give you a small history of it first. Last year I bought a pumpkin at WalMart for $3, for the express purpose of saving the seeds to plant this year. While I didn't do so good at saving the seeds out of it, aparently what I did was just as good; which was to let it sit out all winter and rot into nothing until all that was left was the seeds matted together. I picked them out of the dirt and gave them to Chris to plant anyway, and we figured if we were lucky it might sprout. He only planted 3 plants.

Well, that is apparently 2 plants too many. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the one closest to the back of the fence has now taken up about a third of our garden! It has grown over the back fence (there is actually a pumpkin growing on one of the escaping vines, just hanging there, not sure if it will fall off when it gets too heavy, or take the fence down with it, LOL)

My poor watermelons are desperate to get away from this monster, but that just means that they are taking over the poor carrots, which now have watermelons AND the Demon Pumpkin threatening them, LOL. Add to this my Tomatoes of Opportunity, and we have quite a garden! LOL

What are Tomatoes of Opportunity, you ask? Well, last year when we cleaned up the garden, we threw all the rotting tomatoes in the compost bin. They apparently did as well in there as the pumpkin did alongside the house, lol. When Chris tilled the garden, he spread all our compost out over it. We planted ONE row of tomatoes, mabye 6 plants. Well, we now have at least 13 plants, and they are NOT all in that one row! 2 came up in the cantelopes, one in the watermelons (another one tried but got eaten by the Demon Pumpkin), one in the carrots, and 2 in the peas. Whoever told you you have to start tomatoes indoors and coddle them was wrong! LOL They look just as good as the ones we did the "right" way.

So now I have to go out every few days and rein back the Demon Pumpkin, and give the poor watermelons and cantelopes a chance. And for sure we are going to be darn sick of eating tomatoes by October! LOL

The plant along the back side, the tall one with the huge leaves, is the pumpkin. At the very front of the pic are our oh-so-sad peas, which I am hoping by the end of the harvest to maybe have a whole bowl picked to serve, LOL

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Chris said...

LOL! I love your posessed garden :-)