Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Big Changes Coming

Chris and I made a decision last night.  The details are not finalized, so I am not going to tell specifically what we decided, but I can tell you, it means that we will most likely be moving in the next 4 to 6 months!  Chris is very happy, he will be moving back down close to where he grew up.  He has lots of friends there, and he is looking forward to being near them again.  Plus we will be near his parents, so the kids will get to see their grandparents a lot more than a few times a year.  The kids and the grandparents will love that;  I hope I survive it!  LOL

So now I am in for a frenzy of cleaning and fixing and throwing out JUNK!  But have I started?  No, here I sit at my computer, lol.  I *did* do another 2 loads of baby laundry last night, and they are folded and put away!  Of course, just when I thought I was done with laundry for a few days,  Caleb woke me up, dragging all his blankets, pillow, sheets, stuffed animals, and pajamas (he was naked, lol) out into the hall because he had peed the bed.  Ugh.  At least Micah timed it well and had a leaky diaper on the same night, so I threw his sheets and pajamas in the same load, LOL.  I am sooo glad to have my front loading washer!  It fit the pillow, clothes, sheets, and comforter all in one load.  In my old washer it probably would have ended up as 2 or 3 loads.
I also got the boys started back to school today.  Just a very short, do two pages from a workbook, type of thing, but I wanted to get them back into the swing of things.  Between having a baby in 3 weeks and then moving in 4 months, we are going to be missing a lot of days of school, so I want to get them in now.

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