Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Poor Noah

Last night I went out and picked up the pictures we got developed from Troyer and Noah's trip to camp.  I had gotten each of them a disposable camera to use while they were up there.  They were very excited to see how they turned out.  As it turns out,  I had not made it clear to Noah that he needed to use the flash every time he was inside.  :-(   He only got one good picture out of the whole roll.   I guess he used it all up inside his cabin,  and never took any outside.  Troyer's turned out better,  he took quite a few outside, and remembered to use the flash when he was inside.  He even took a few of himself, LOL.  If I get my scanner back up and running,  I will post one of those. 
Poor Noah, he is so upset,  he says now he doesn't want to go back to camp again!  I'm sure that will change by next year, though  ;-)

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