Wednesday, February 21, 2007

As Close As I've Gotten Yet

Tonight I had over 4 hours of very close, very painful contractions. I may yet call the dr and go in. They are not being consistent, but they are anywhere from 12 to 3 min apart, and they HURT. The baby was super active tonight, more than he's been in a few weeks, and I wonder if his activity is causing the contractions. Though he is mostly quiet now, and I am still getting them.

Honestly, part of me is putting off calling in because it is the middle of the night. I just hate to call the babysitter to come over and then end up coming home in the morning. Another part of me figures it's best to put off going to the boring hospital as long as possible, LOL. I think, though, that if I do end up going in and staying, I won't be able to post again; so this would be my announcement. If I do go in, and then come home, I'll post again that I'm home. And if I end up not going in at all, of course I'll post that too in the morning.

Wish me luck!

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O_Scientist said...

Good luck and have a nice and easy labor!

(hoping this is it)