Thursday, February 15, 2007


The boys finally got their wish and we got a decent snowfall. Unfortunately, it ended in a lovely crust of ice on top, which was horrible to shovel. Chris sent the oldest 2 boys out to shovel, but they spent more time falling down in it than shoveling it LOL.

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He went back out to clear the driveway so he could go in to work, but the plows came by, and it took him 3 tries to get the driveway open. He was very frustrated and exhausted by the time the plows went home and his work wasn't undone one more time, so he ended up staying home from work for the day.

The temperature has now fallen below 20, so the roads are still awful, even one day after the snow has ended and the plows have been through. I have a dilema now, I have an appointment this afternoon, but I'm considering cancelling it; I haven't had any more signs of labor, and I have enough trouble driving the stick shift while pg when the roads are good. I am dreading the drive over to the doctor's office. But if I cancel, I may not be able to get another appointment until late next week. What to do, what to do...

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Sandy said...

Well, did you go to the doctor? When is that baby coming! I have two boys, grown into nice young men. Boys are so much fun. Thinking about you, hope it's a good delivery.