Thursday, February 08, 2007

Closer Than I Thought

Tonight, for the first time in 7 babies, I actually had a bloody show! I was taking a shower this evening, and there it was. I guess I'm closer than I thought to actually having this baby! I don't know how close, as I've read that it could be anything from 24 hours to several days (a week?) before real labor starts; but it's definitely going to be sooner rather than later! I also got woken up by a real contraction at 2:30 this morning. I've never really had any of those before, either, without being in the hospital hooked up to pitocin. I haven't had any more since then, so I'm not calling the doctor yet or anything, but things are definitely moving along!

Oh, I should mention, the funny part is that I was grabbing the shower before Lost started, so I told Chris when I got out of the shower, but said we wouldn't be going anywhere for at least an hour, LOL. If the baby decided to come really fast, I'd be having it on the floor in front of the t.v. LOLOLOL


Beth said...

Ohhh how exciting! I'm thinking when I had the "show" with mine (all 4 of them), I had them within the week.

Not much longer! :o)

Jody said...

Oh yeah!! ALmost time to meet the little man!

Labor vibes coming your way!

Dot said...

Prayers and positive thoughts for you to have a speedy, all natural labor. All natural, as in, no pitocin.

Can't wait to hear details and see a picture of this little man.