Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just Popping In Quickly to Say Nothing

Nothing more is happening, that is. On Monday the dr checked me again and said I hadn't made any further progress. I was very disappointed, and he was sympathetic, which was nice. I haven another appt on Thursday, but I've been feeling pretty good the last few days, so I'd be surprised if anything more happened.


Sandy said...

Good luck on the new one. Probably will be in the storm! I've been visiting your blog, found it in a search. Enjoy watching the progression of what's going on.

Erika said...

Hi, I found your blog recently through another... I'm not even sure whose. But now that you've given up hope on the idea of things progressing maybe they will - that seems to be the way of it. Good luck! I only have 2 boys and when I brought home the baby I thought I was going to self-destruct I was so stressed out. We have established a routine now (he's 3 months) but I can't even imagine bringing home #7! I would absolutely love to have more kids, but I can't afford to stay home long on my husband's present salary (and I don't mean going without Starbucks, more like do we eat or pay the mortgage type of can't afford it) and so I will have to put my plans on the back burner for a while... but he's on notice that 4 years is the absolute most I'm willing to wait (I'm 24 now so I'd still have a chance to have several more kids). So maybe I too will have a houseful of boys... I can only hope! But I will HAVE to have a washer/dryer before that happens - even with 2 kids the laundromat is a daunting prospect. Well, here I am rambling on about myself when I meant to talk to you... sorry about that! When you get to see that beautiful baby give him a kiss for me!