Friday, February 16, 2007


I called the dr's office and asked if I could just cancel the appointment, rather than contribute to the traffic in that mess of ice and snow. They reassurred me that the main roads were clear and I should have no problem. They implied that they were looking out the window at the street in front of the office.

Well, they lied. The roads were AWFUL. I swear the drive in could have put me in labor. Even the main roads weren't cleared, and it seemed like *everyone* was out. I sure didn't need to be out adding to the mess. THEN to top it off, the doctor didn't even check me. They did the usual weight, bp, hb, and said "see you next week" - UGH! So it was a total waste of a trip! Why the heck did I have to go in??? I was also the last appointment of the day, so of course I sat for 30 min (in spite of the fact that half of their appts DID cancel, they still were behind?) and stewed about how I had to drive back home in the mess. I mostly wanted to be sure to get home before dark, when all the slush would start to freeze over again. It never got above 20 yesterday, so nothing melted away.

THEN (LOL yes, it's not over yet!) on the way home I tried to use the windshield wipers to wash off the slush splatter from my window, since the sun was setting and glaring off the window and I could barely see, and the wipers went up and then quit! The wiper motor died before it even did one swipe, so now I had road splatter AND wipers in my way! I was never so glad as when the sun finally sank below the level of the tops of the buildings, so the glare cut out. Of course, when I got home, dh tried to blame me for breaking them. He actually asked me why I thought I needed to use them, as if turning them on was a dumb thing to do. Uh, hello? I thought the car had wipers because you were supposed to USE them??? UGH

So now instead of wishing this baby out, we have to keep him in, at least long enough to get the car to the garage and get the darn wipers fixed, since there's no way we'll be able to drive it as the snow melts and splatters the windshield. Our street still has about 2 inches of ice on it, so taking the 12 pass van out is out of the question.

My next appointment isn't until next Thursday, which is my due date Waaahhhhh.


Multi-tasking Mom said...

What was the Dr.'s office staff thinking telling you to come all that way? I'd assume that after 6, they would tell you to trust your own instincts and come in only if you need to. Anyway, I'm glad you got home safely and I hope that baby stays put for now.

chris said...

The wipers broke on our car once and Rob asked, "Well, how did you turn them on??" Hmmmm.

That stinks about the dr appt.

I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has flown by, for me at least ;-)
Wishing you melted snow, fixed wipers, and that new baby in your arms soon.