Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Waiting

Tuesday morning, and still nothing. I sure wish I had more news. Looks like I'll make it to that appointment on Thursday.

Meanwhile, we got the bad news on the car. We had the wiper motor fixed on Friday, but there was a long list of other repairs it needs to pass inspection. Today I called and got the estimate on it: almost $800. UGH! The darn car isn't even worth that! However, we don't have anything else lined up to drive; we were hoping to be able to wait until summer to shop for a new (used) car. And even at that cost, it's still less per year than paying a new car payment. So we are going to have the work done, but now the question is, when? The mechanic says that he can have it done by Thursday afternoon, so that should work out for us. I'll have to take the van to my appointment Thursday morning, but even if the doctor has me check in at the hospital, I still have to drive home to get Chris, so we'll be able to pick up the car at the garage before we go in. What a hassle. Why did this have to happen now??? And heck, at this rate, I won't be having the baby until next week anyway.... *sob*


Sandy said...

Hang in there, it'll happen soon enough. There's always that test to see how patient you can really be. The good thing is the baby will becoming and soon you will be able to take the kids for walks and they'll be playing outside. You'll feel a little freer by then.

Jody said...

Hang in there!