Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I guess I jinxed myself by posting; the contrax have slowed way down and hurt much less. I won't be calling anyone yet. Oh well.


Sandy said...

I predict February 24. Saturday will be a good day for you! Keep us posted! February 24 is my sister's birthday, she's pretty special.

Anonymous said...

You'll meet this little man soon, sweetie! Still praying for you!

Love Susan (sydmomofmany)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and wanted to tell you that my last 2, I've had so much "prelabor" that we went in for 6 hours with baby #6, only to be sent home and have him be born a week later! When I moved around in the middle of the night, had a bath, etc. the "fake" contractions would stop. When it was really the real McCoy, they kept getting more intense and I knew that was finally it! Can't wait to hear your news! Love Susan (Sydmomofmany)