Thursday, February 01, 2007

37 Weeks

37 weeks? 37 weeks???! Wow, I am almost there! Less than 3 weeks to go. Some days it feels like any day now. I can say I have finally gotten most things ready. I got the carseat out and into the van; I washed the baby clothes; I found a baby outfit so he won't be coming home naked; I remembered to actually buy newborn diapers, so he won't have a naked butt at home (what? wouldn't Levi's size 5s fit him? LOL) All I have left to do is pack my bag so *I* have something to wear home. Oh yeah, and pick a name. UGH! Chris is just so intent on having a hillbilly in the family. His name list is now up to 4: Jethro, Zeke, Jeb, and Gunther (not a hillbilly but a German wrestler!). I seriously am thinking of just writing Timothy on the birth certificate at the hospital when he's not around.

Ok, so I am ready, and I think my body is getting there too. My hips are killing me, the braxton-hicks contractions are getting closer and closer to the real thing, and my feet are starting to swell. I have now entered that time frame (you know, the one where the last month seems like it actually lasts 3?) where every twinge makes me wonder, "Is this it? Should I start timing them? What if I'm dilating and don't know it? (with #5, I really did dilate all the way to 6 without feeling any real labor pains.) On the other hand, Chris has scheduled to go out of town for the day for work next week. Yes, on the day I'll be 39 weeks pg, he's going to leave town without a cell phone and drive 2.5 hours away. I warned him that #1, if he misses the birth, oh well for him; #2 I may have already had the baby by then and what will he do? ( I suspect he will still try to go up for this meeting, even while on vacation!) and #3, if he is not here to watch the kids and I can't get to the hospital, I may be having the baby in the bathtub . I am telling you, he is in such denial about this whole baby thing. He is not taking the naming thing seriously because he feels like "there is still time;" and he isn't concerned about leaving town so close to my due date. I, in my hormonal pregnant state, am considering him an idiot. But hey, that's just me.

So, if you have any name suggestions that I somehow haven't thought of, I'd appreciate it. Keep in mind that Chris and I were in school in the 70s and 80s, so he's against any of the names that there were gobs of back then: Bob, Tom, Tim, Pete, Dave, Matt, Mark, Dan, Rob, Will, Jeff, Jim, etc. Oh, and Chris, LOL. We like Biblical names, but they are trendy right now, so Isaac, Isaiah, Elijah, Joshua, etc are out, as friends of ours already have used them. Jacob has been in the top 10 list for over 10 years now, no need to go there. Man, this would be easier if we were having a girl!


rdmercer said...

Hi Gretchen- here are some suggestions for names (also some of my faves:))
Jeremiah Matthew
Jacob Timothy
Joel Michael
Jonathan Abram

I'm sure though- that whatever name you give the baby- will eventually suit him and he will become that name- if you know what I mean? Take care.

Anonymous said...

David, for great grandpa David Eighmey? Also I already submitted Seth. Also, Ethan or Ian works for me. Benjamin, Timothy, Abraham for middle names?

Best of luck.

Jody said...

I love the name Tristan. Quintin was supposed to be Tristan, but Bill changed his mind 2 weeks before my due date.

Can't wait to see the little man!

Lori said...

I'm not sure we could have ever named a second child, it was so hard for the first one. I do have an unusual name for you. Kenan, which is a shortened form of Chenaniah (Kenaniah)who is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 15:22, 27 and 26:29. I have one friend who did the whole Chenaniah thing and another who shortened it to Kenan. Hope the weeks go by quickly for you.

Sherry said...

hi, there,
Shoot me an email at, and I will email you my boys names. Maybe you will like some of them. I chose biblical names for their middle names, we had to do so to be able to baptise them Catholic, and being baptised Catholic, we get a discount on tuition. ;)

Melanie said...

I can't believe you're so close! If your DH is out of town when the baby is born, does that give you license to name baby boy whatever name YOU want? I think so! :)

Anonymous said...

How about:

Jasper :)

Lisa said...

Phil never takes it seriously and on two occasions couldn't be found to take me to the hospital. MEN! Names? I have to admit (ducking) that I like Ezekiel (Zeke)
How about
Boaz? Ok, just kidding on that one.

Edel & Pam said...

Hi Gretchen,

Here's one I love: Jace.

I know it's not Biblical but my friend who used it for her son is a very devout Christian (and co-author of the web site we're creating).

Love and prayers to you and yours...looking forward to seeing the new little guy!