Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Another Hot Day

We had another hot day here today, but not as bad as the last few days. I couldn't get the boys to go outside; why are my kids abnormal??? I thought you couldn't keep boys inside? Only my youngest wanted out. I finally lured them outside by telling them they could play Play Doh. They are only allowed to play out on the picnic table with it. They make such a complete mess with it that even in a kitchen with a vinyl floor, I couldn't control it. They step in it, they sit in it. Ugh. So it is only for outside. They did enjoy that, at least.

It finally rained here this afternoon, it was supposed to come yesterday. Boy, when it hit, it really hit! We had about an inch fall in just over an hour. Luckily it was that brief too, so no water in the basement. The rain was supposed to bring cooler weather with it, but so far that has not made its way into the house. Ick, still hot and sticky in here.

I have another prenatal appointment tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to it. I have been having annoying braxton-hicks contractions more and more often, and they are stronger and stronger. They have gone from annoying to distracting. But not disruptive yet. I am anxious to see if they have been doing any good.

Chris' 20th High School reunion is this Sunday; it is about 2.5 hours away. He has been looking forward to it for over a year (weird, I know, who actually wants to go to those things??? LOL) and we are planning to go, just for the day. Normally we would stay overnight, but his mother just had surgery a few weeks ago and we don't want to invade her house with all the kids while she is still recovering. So we are planning to go down just for the afternoon family picnic. It should be fun; all the alumni will be there with spouses and children. Chris actually wants to go to that more than the fancy dinner the night before. I am disappointed to miss the dinner, lol.

Anyway, depending on what the doctor says tomorrow, I may not make it. I was 2 cm last week; I think if I am past a 4 tomorrow, maybe I'd better not go. I am going to try to talk Chris into taking the kids down without me, though. I'd hate for him to miss it. Of course, I could still go; maybe I'd win a prize for something, like Youngest Baby at the Reunion? That would be after I pop it out on one of the picnic tables, LOL. Chris says if I went into labor, he'd stuff us in the van and drive me home to my own doctor. Oh joy, just what I'd want, to be in a 12 passenger van for 2.5 hours while in labor! Well, it probably wouldn't happen, anyway. But hey, if it did, what a post for my blog that would be! LOL

I will be updating tomorrow night with whatever my doctor has to say!

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