Thursday, August 19, 2004

A Little Break

Today Chris took all the boys out but Troyer and Levi, and gave me a few hours break from them. They have been bickering and picking fights with each other all week, and it is getting on Chris' nerves, so I guess he thought they were getting on mine. I guess he doesn't realize that that is what they do EVERY day, whether he is here or not? LOL It was nice, anyway. Troyer did a great job of watching Levi and keeping him happy so I could make some pizzas for dinner. I was able to have them ready by the time Chris and the boys got home.

Tomorrow is Levi's first appointment with his pediatrician. He was supposed to go in at 10 days old, but that would be Monday and Chris will already be at work. I absolutely dread the idea of having to drag all the boys in to that office and trying to understand the foreign accent through the din of 5 boys fighting and whining. So I talked the office into letting me bring him in a little early. I hope his jaundice is cleared up enough that the dr won't make a big deal out of it. Also, Levi has had goopy eyes for a few days; I guess he has a cold. So I guess I will get a prescription for eye drops.

Levi has been eating very well and pooping a lot, so I know he is healthy. I wonder if the dr will have the same opinion. I don't really trust him after my horrible hospital experience, so I am prepared to completely dismiss whatever he tells me, LOL.

I will post tomorrow with updated stats on Levi :-)

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Chris said...

So, how'd the appt go???

And what did Troyer have to say about the birth? Was it all he hoped it would be? LOL