Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Mini Vacation

Yesterday I got a little mini-vacation. A friend from church called and invited the 4 oldest boys over for the day. Chris dropped them off on his way to work, and picked them up on the way home. So I was home with just the 2 yo and the baby all day. It was actually a little harder than when they are all home, lol. I didn't have a 9 yo to follow the 2 yo and make sure he wasn't getting into trouble, or to get him water when he needed it, or to put in a video before his nap. I had to keep jumping up to keep an eye on him, and the baby didn't like that. I did get to stay online all morning, since no one cared about watching tv, and it was much quieter, which was nice. But by afternoon I was bored. I ended up going out to the drive through at McDonald's, just to get out of the house, lol. Chris stopped at WalMart to pick up the things he forgot/couldn't find the day before, so the boys didn't get home until 6:30. They had a great time with their friends, so I'm glad they got to go.
Today it's back to normal, we've got school done already :-) but I sure could use a nap!

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Bernadette said...

Wow! I hope you got that nap! Things will get easier...keep up your courage! What beautiful boy blessings!