Thursday, August 12, 2004

A Sleepless Night

Well, needless to say, nothing much happened yesterday, lol. I was pretty busy, so if I was having regular contractions, I didn't notice them. I did get them when sitting down to rest, but they were still the wimpy kind. I was much more tired yesterday than I have been the past few days, and that was disappointing. I was enjoying my energy spurt. :-) I even went to bed early last night, had some thoughts about Chris helping me out with labor, maybe ;-) but he was already fast asleep, so no go.

I woke up about 2 am because Micah had fallen out of bed and was crying. I went and got him back into bed, and laid down with him for a while till he fell asleep again. But then I couldn't get back to sleep. The baby had moved into an uncomfortable postition, so everytime he kicked it hurt my hips. And then the contractions got uncomfortable too. Not close enough to time them, but annoying enough to keep me awake. I told Chris this morning that maybe I might need to call him today. My appointment is tonight at 5 pm. Can I wait that long??? LOL He will be out of the office for the morning, so I won't even be able to find him until after lunch, and by that point, I might as well wait. But hey, if I ever actually do approach something like normal early labor, I will just drag all the boys with me to the hospital, just in case.

I am pretty sure that today will be my last day pg (with this baby, anyway! lol). Last week my doctor (who was sooooo sure I was going to deliver last weekend just because he stripped my membranes - DUH) told me that if I made it to this week's appointment, he was most likely going to want me to go straight to the hospital to check in from there. He said if I were 5 or more cm he would do that. I have no idea if all these contractions this week did anything or not. I need longer fingers! LOL

Anyway, if I end up going in before 5, I will come and post here first, but otherwise I may not be posting again before I am home to announce the baby!

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