Monday, August 09, 2004

No Baby Yet

I confess, I was secretly hoping my doctor would have been right, and I would have actually gone into labor on my own this weekend. No such luck. Just wimpy contractions yesterday. Chris didn't go to his reunion; he was just sure that if he did I *would* go into labor, and I'd be home alone. He changed his plans then, to taking 2 boys (of my choice) with him into the office to start cleaning out his desk. He wanted to do it on the weekend when his boss wouldn't be there; they were not getting along so well last week. But in the end, he decided to wake up late and hang around the house, send me out shopping, then mow the lawn when I got home! Ugh, no break from the kids at all! He did at least make them lunch and dinner. I had plenty of useless contractions while out shopping, so I had to lay down for a while when I got home. Of course they went away as soon as I lay down.

Today would be a good day for me to have the baby, but I don't see it happening. Tomorrow is not so good, because we are supposed to drop the van off for inspection. I have no idea how Chris is planning to arrange getting me to the hospital when the van is gone, but hey, he scheduled it. Let him figure it out, lol.

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