Saturday, August 07, 2004

Nothing Zilch Nada

Well, here's how it went yesterday. We did end up going to the homeschool meeting at the park. It was pretty dry, just some muddy patches, but it was windy and pretty cold. Low 60's I think. The kids warmed up easily enough by running around with the other kids and playing. They spent most of the time on the merry-go-round, and Troyer told me on the way home that he was feeling pretty sick from being on it so long, LOL. The moms all sat at a picnic table and talked. I got some good advice for when we move; one of the moms knows of a big group of homeschoolers in our new area and will give me the name of some contacts so I can find out what's up down there, and I won't be totally on my own. I was worried about that.

We were at the park about 2 hours; I had at least 4 good contrax during that time, and was generally crampy the whole rest of the time. Not pleasant. After the meeting I drove to the bank and got the kids McDonald's for lunch, as I had promised them. I had planned also to do some shopping while we were out, but I was not up for it, so we just drove back home, still feeling crampy. I don't know how many more contrax I had, since I was ignoring them.

I tried to get the kids off my back when we got home, I was tired from wondering if I was actually going to go into labor; I tried to take a little nap while they played legos and watched a movie. Chris got home late; I was imagining him getting cornered by his boss and being miserable, but nope, he was on the phone with a friend who was congratulating him on leaving, LOL. This friend had worked with Chris before, but left the company about 2 years ago. I was a little annoyed that he was late coming home; I needed a break. The boys were really wired, for some reason. He did let me come upstairs and hide from them for a while, and made them dinner for me, and then came up and let me vent for a little bit; I felt much better afterwards.

I was still having contrax last night, here and there, so I was hoping that maybe something really would happen this weekend, but I woke up this morning, and I hadn't had any all night, and I'm back to the whimpy b-h contrax again this morning. :-( So I guess it will not be today. At least the crampy feeling from having my membranes stripped is gone. So my goal is Monday again, lol. The baby is still floating pretty high, I am also hoping the head will engage soon. It always makes my doctor nervous to see them float because if the water breaks the cord may get compressed by the head. It would be nice to have just *one* thing he doesn't worry about this time, lol.

A friend of mine at chat last night found a few links to medical abstracts that directly contradicted what my doctor told me at my appointment, about being at greater risk for rupture the more VBACs I have. These actually quoted studies which showed that women with previous VBACs had a higher success rate of labor than those whose previous pg ended in a C section. It made me feel a little better to read those; I wonder what the heck stuff my doctor is reading.

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