Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Still Here

I was soooo close to having Chris take me in tonight; the contrax were a regular 15 min apart, and crampy but not really painful. But then I remembered that the epi doctor goes home at 3 pm, and I really really really didn't want the idiot nurse I had last time, so I decided to wait at least until morning. Now the contrax seem to have petered out some, so it's probably better that I waited. I guess we'll wait until morning.
The garage called and said the van passed inspection, so I told Chris to go ahead and go pick it up tonight, just in case we need to go in. Tomorrow we (the boys and I) will drive him in to work so he can drive his car home. It is spending the night up at the garage. I feel better having the van, just in case.
Maybe tomorrow morning we will be driving to the hospital instead? lol I can keep hoping, right? ;-)

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