Thursday, August 12, 2004

OMG I Can't Believe I Am Here Typing This!!!

I can't believe I am back home, and not in the hospital!!!!! I went to my appointment, and had nasty contractions the whole way there. Troyer came along, because we expected to be checking in at the hospital afterwards. The doctor checked me, and I am only a 4 "maybe" AARRRGGHHH! So he asked me when do I want the baby, and I said tonight! He pointed out that the hospital staff is on skeleton crew overnight, and how about tomorrow morning, so I had to go with that. So I will be checking in for induction tomorrow morning at 7 am. I suppose all around that's easier, with having to have someone watch the boys and everything. But I was all set to have the baby tonight! I am so mad, but also about to cry. So one more sleepless night. Sigh.


O_Scientist said...

Awwwww, sorry, I had expected to read a birth announcement instead of a 'still here' post. Sounds like you are really ready to have this baby!

Sending good birth vibes your way!


Chris said...

Can't wait to hear from you....It is 7:20 and I know you are settling into the hospital now.

Sending lots of quick easy labor vibes your way.