Thursday, August 05, 2004

Appointment Update

I had my appointment tonight. The doctor says I'm at 3.5 cm now, and the trip is definitely out. He thinks I will have the baby this weekend. I laughed at him. He said he wants me to come in in early labor, not wait until the heavy stuff; I laughed again. I told him for me, *now* is early labor. I don't have regular contrax that I have to wait to get closer. I don't have any at all. I just dilate. He didn't have an answer to that, lol. He stripped my membranes, which I didn't appreciate, but perhaps he misunderstood when I said that any time next week would be fine, because of Chris' new job. He also said that *if* I make it to next Thursday's appointment, to bring my hospital bag with me, because if I'm 5 cm or more he's going to make me go check in. He doubts still that I would make it to Thursday. I am trying to make it to just Monday or Tuesday, then I don't care. Actually, Monday is better, because Chris has the van scheduled for inspection on Tuesday, and it really needs to get done. It would be easier to arrange if the baby were already born.

Now, since my appointment, I've been having the same stupid contrax, only they hurt, and now I have to wonder if they are real or not. It was easier to ignore them before. I told Chris to go ahead and go on Sunday without me, I could use a nice quiet day with the boys gone, and that would insure the baby did not come, lol; but he is afraid to leave me alone. I guess I can't blame him, but what a pain. I hate to make him miss this reunion, he was really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow morning I am supposed to be taking the boys to a Homeschool Group picnic. It is at a park with lots of shade, which means it is likely to be soggy from yesterday's rain. It is also supposed to be quite cool tomorrow, not even getting up to 70, while our meeting is at 10 am. I'm not sure I want to go. But I know the boys do, so I guess we will.

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