Monday, August 16, 2004

Birth Story

Ok, here's the whole story, as best I can remember it ;-)

On Friday morning, we woke up by 6 am and got my stuff loaded into the car. I packed the usual stuff, but also a big bag full of books and stuff to do; I have learned that the hospital can be pretty boring! lol We were ready early, so we just left, it was hard to just sit around.

We got to the hospital 20 minutes early, but were able to check in right away. First they sent me down to the lab to get some blood work done. In the past they have always sent a tech up to my room to do that, but they said it was easier and quicker if I went there first. It made sense to me, and not much difference, so no problem. They have a nice little waiting room there so I didn't have to leave Troyer and Chris out in the lobby. Then from there we went upstairs to the maternity hall. After getting changed and everything, we just sat for a long time. Almost an hour. Boring! lol Finally someone came in and started me on an IV. I knew I was going to want an epidural, and the dr ordered that I have 2 liters of fluid in me before they started it, so they put that in first. My dr came in and examined me, and said I was up to almost a 5, so I guess I was doing something overnight!

Then a while later they came and started the pitocin. I guess that was around 10 am. My dr wanted to break my water as soon as possible, something to do with the increased chance of rupture if the baby is down but the membranes haven't broken. Blah blah, lol, I get glassy eyed when he starts with that "R" word, LOL. He started the pitocin really low, so my contractions were only 10 to 15 minutes apart, not much more than they had been already. They weren't hurting much either. Of course, the anesthesiologist got busy and didn't come and didn't come. My dr checked me about every hour, and by 11 I was around 7 cm. Finally the anesth. Dr Johnson came up at 12. I sent Chris and Troyer out for lunch, I figured Troyer wouldn't much enjoy watching the dr put the epidural in, and I know Chris doesn't like to watch. They went to Burger King, and their timing was perfect, I was all settled back in when they returned.
My OB came back then, and broke my water, checking me again at the same time. I can't tell you how much difference the drugs make! LOL It didn't hurt at all, as opposed to each time he had checked me before. He had to reach very far in because he was trying to feel the baby's head, but it was still floating. At that point I was still at 7 cm.

Chris had brought along his laptop and Troyer had a few books and a drawing pad and pencils, so they were all set, but with the iv needle in my left hand and the blood pressure cuff on my right arm, it was hard to hold a book to read. The epidural (combined with very little sleep the night before!) made me relaxed and sleepy, so I just settled in for a nice nap. I slept for about an hour. At about 2 pm I could start to feel the contractions again, and told them I wanted the epidural topped off soon, so it wouldn't wear off right when it was time to start pushing. Again it took a while for the anesth. nurse to get there, and at last check, I was up to 8.5-9 cm - it was almost time! The baby had descended, too, to about +1 station.

Finally the nurse arrived with more drugs, ahhh, lol. I asked her not to make it as strong as the first dose, as I wanted to be able to feel enough to push. She had trouble getting the fluid in the tube, she said it felt like there was a kink or something in the line. She ended up giving me more than I needed, because she felt that I wasn't getting it all. Oops. Oh well. So I was numb from knees to ribs again. I just hoped it would wear off enough in time for pushing.

The OB came back in and checked again at 2:30, I was fully dilated and ready to push. Well, except that I couldn't feel what to push! I hate that. So they had to tell me when a contraction started and to start pushing, and I did my best to push right, but couldn't really tell, and they would tell me when it was over and take a break. It felt like a long time but I guess it was not even 10 minutes, and I could just start to feel the baby's head coming down, so I told them that, and they confirmed it. A few more pushes, and I could feel the head coming out. No pain at all, which is amazing to me, but I could feel just enough to tell when he was through. In the end, I am glad it worked out that way, because I didn't have to worry about Troyer getting upset at my moans or screams, lol.

I felt amazingly good afterwards, not even any soreness; I guess that is because he was so small - my last baby was 9lb 7oz, so he seemed tiny to me, lol. I decided then that I would be checking out the next day rather than spend the extra day there. I'm glad I did.

Levi is up now, so I will finish the rest of the story (which will mosly be rants about the stupid hospital) later.

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